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Sample Quote Request Photos

Examples showing the different types of photo views that need to accompany a Request For Quote. (RFQ)

Please do not over reduce your photos...we need to zoom in on them

Overall Slide Shot

One photo showing the entire slide

Edtd Purple double wave slide01_resize.jpg
Image showing an entire tube slide
Tan corkscrew full view example photo
Blue playground slide with an impact hole
Green 360 corkscrew slide
Complete playground slide showing wear hole

 Scale Shot

One or two photos showing all damage with a hand for scale

Purple playground slide with a very large hole
Blue slide with a corner hole near exit
Tan slide with hand next to hole
Edtd blue single twist 3.jpg
Tan playground slide has a small hole at exit
Customer attempted playground slide repair

Photos between 1MB & 5MB each are great!

Additional helpful view

Purple slide with large crack
Tan tube slide with small hole at exit
Tan corkscrew slide showing a crack
Close up blue slide with large wear hole
Blue double slide showing hole at exit
Green corkscrew slide damaged at exit

A view of the damage from a little further away

Material thickness

If possible, a photo showing the thinnest part of the surface from a more level plane is very helpful.

Close up image of hole in playground slide

We can see the material conditions very clearly when we enlarge photos like these. 

Exploded view of material conditions

PolyMenders 2023

That's it!   Good photos, addresses & your contact information.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.


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