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Playground slide repair Nationwide

Over 1000 slides repaired from California to Maine.

Sedalia, Missouri

Red slide with large impact hole

Broken red playground slide
Damaged red slide fully repaired

To this

Bringing cost effective, permanent playground slide repair service to your location

Burn holes, stress cracks, broken mounting flanges, thin & broken areas, most vandalism....we can repair almost any damage to a playground slide. 

From this

Every play surface PolyMenders repairs will be safe, smooth & strong once complete.

Side view of a large finger gap on slide.
Corkscrew slide with structural damage
Side view of filled gap on slide
Slide gap is welded completely closed again

This corkscrew slide has sagged and cracked at the pole a bit over the years.

PolyMenders welded the entire area together, eliminating all of the gap permanently.

Parts/labor costs involved in replacing a slide can run well into the $1000's. Our repairs last years, are safe and perfectly smooth.

Scarborough, Maine

Beautiful blue triple slide with vandalizm impact hole at exit.

Photo of triple slide with large hole
Triple slide with large hole repaired

Triple slide in perfect condition meets bowling ball.  The bowling ball put a large hole right through the slide exit surface.

We'll come to your location and...

  • Install a safety perimeter

  • Evaluate the conditions

  • Perform the repairs

  • Cleanup the work area

  • Remove the safety perimeter

  • Secure the property when exiting

Need Repair?

Badly damaged green playground slide

Can a slide this badly damaged be saved? 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Super big exit burn hole

Photo of very large burn hole in playground slide
Very large playground slide burn hole repaired

This burn hole repaired in 2020 is our largest repair to date.  Although we couldn't color match this one, our customer was overjoyed that we could save their slide!  This equipment was still relatively new and we expect our repair to last as long as the rest of the slide.

Professional service / exceptional workmanship since 1991 and always happy to offer references upon request.

  Find out if your equipment is repairable and what it'll cost.  No strings attached. 


PolyMenders always regards safety as our highest priority. If we feel a piece is beyond a safe repair, you will be notified and/or we'll recommend replacement.

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Industries serviced include Playground Manufacturers, School Districts, Parks & Recreation, Food Processing Plants, City, County, State and Federal agencies, Apartment Complexes and a diverse range of other industries.

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