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Playground Slides

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Virtually any type of slide damage is completely repairable.  This isn't just a temporary fix either...our repairs typically last years.  The decision to replace the overall structure will likely be made before our repair fails.

Here's the slide from our homepage.  Not only could we repair this West Sacramento California slide, it's still in use almost three years later!

Don't Despair!

Badly broken green playground slide fully repaired.

"We take our job very seriously.  We deisgn our repairs to last a lifetime."

Damage to slides comes in several forms:

  • Vandalism - burn holes, impact holes, graffiti and knife gouges

  • Localized areas cracking / breaking caused by internal supports

  • Cracking / breaking from overall general wear & tear

  • Misuse - Excessive heavy weight usage, jumping, skateboards, roller skates etc...

  • UV damage caused failure

Even we can't fix this!!


A few examples of repairs that are possible.  Cracks, holes, even missing pieces…PolyMenders can offer a long term repair for virtually any damage.