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We are not too good to be true!

Your first playground slide repair is on us if you're not satisfied with the quality of our repair.

We understand how hard it is to believe someone actually repairs the playground slides.  You've been told by everyone for the last 20 years... "it can't be done".

The hardest part of our job has been convincing people to step past that stigma and give us a try!

But some of our best customers were initially the hardest to convince.

We would really like to add you to our customer portfolio, so here's an offer with which you can't lose.  While we cannot guarantee an invisible repair, we can, and will always, stand behind our work.  When we're done, structurally your slide will be at least as good (better) as original.  We test every repair to 185 lbs of highly targeted stress....if it stands up to that, normal use will not defeat our repair.  We're a mom & pop shop with a lot of pride.  We will always put our customers exceptions.

* All slides fade over time and different manufacturers have different shades of the same colors.  Exact color matching cannot always be guaranteed.

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