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Seasonal Visits

How we provide service nationwide

If you've received an email from PolyMenders regarding playground repair, it means:

  • We'll either be traveling through your region on our way to another


  • We'll be traveling to your region to service a request by one or more of your neighbors.

We try to send out notices of our visit between 30 & 60 days in advance so everyone can benefit from the most cost efficient repairs of their products, since we'll already be close by and won't need to travel far to help you.

It is not logistically possible at this point for PolyMenders to visit the entire country more than once per year seasonally.  We highly recommend that you inspect all of your plastic equipment for damages and have it all repaired during one visit.  This will maximize your savings, as we also offer multi-repair discounts!  Any additional repairs must be scheduled at least 3 weeks prior to our arrival to your region to qualify for discounts.

PolyMenders services calls for plastic repair nationwide.  Because of the weather sensitivity of our process, we do our best to visit regions when the weather conditions are typically the most cooperative for our service.

Please feel free to contact us regarding the next upcoming window of opportunity for your region.

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