PolyMenders, formerly known as Plastic Pros, has been the leader of both In House & Onsite plastic repair for over 25 years.   Serving a number of industries and many individuals, we have built an impeccable reputation for successful plastic repairs.

PolyMenders offers all clientele a test weld and inspection, free of charge, to determine the viability of a successful repair.  We stand behind our work 100%. We do not believe in substandard workmanship. When PolyMenders completes a repair, it will be the best solution possible given the circumstances. 

Our reputation depends on it!

Our mission at PolyMenders is to provide a service that significantly helps both our customers and our environment.  Whether it has sentimental or monetary value, our goal is to return your product fully functional and at least as good as original equipment while creating the best match for appearances.  With each successful repair, we help our environment by eliminating a plastic product from ending up in our landfills.

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