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Frequently Asked Questions

A.  No.  There is no permanent adhesive.  An adhesive will leave the slide in a condition that could harm a child, not if, but when the adhesive fails.

Q.  Can I use an adhesive to fix a playground slide?

A.  Typically many years under normal use.  We design our repairs to maximize the longevity of the equipment we repair.

Q.  How long will a repair last?

A.   Yes.  When our work is complete, every repair is tested, when possible, to 185lbs and then re-inspected.  Our test far exceeds what is considered normal usage.

Q.  Will the finished repair be safe?

A.  Our repairs are ready for play immediately after we finish cleaning up the area.

Q.  What is the cure time for your repairs?

A.  Absolutely!  We can repair almost any hole, crack or gap on a playground slide.

Q.  Can you fill gaps between sections too?

A.  Repair time varies depending on the damages, but the average is 3 - 5 hours. 

Q.  How long does a slide repair usually take?

A.  There is no guarantee of color matching due to manufacturer color variants & weathering damage, but we do our best with the many color variations we have.

Q.  Do your repairs match the original equipment color?

A.  You can click here and send us a little information about the damage or feel free to give us a call.

Q.  How do I get a playground slide repaired?

A.  Rarely.  Less than 5% ever need to be removed to facilitate a repair.

Q.  Does a slide need to be removed for your service?

A.  To this date, that honor still resides with Pittsburgh, PA.  A purple corkscrew slide that was burned on three occasions.

Q.  What is the largest repair you have done?

A.  We use cones and caution tape and create a safety barrier around the entire playground and monitor the perimeter closely.

Q.  How do you keep the children safe when you are working?

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