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Onsite plastic repair at food processing plant in Stanislaus.
Onsite plastic repair


PolyMenders is a fully mobile plastic repair service for a variety of industries.  As long as there is full size truck access to within 75ft of the product needing repair, PolyMenders is completely self-sufficient.  Safety is always a top concern, so we come equipped with everything we need to cordon off our entire work area.

In house repair of a kayak rudder mount.
In house plastic repair


For our local clients that want to save a little on the cost of a repair, we offer our in house repair.  Make an appointment to drop off your item at our shop and save some cost on the repair.  It reduces our costs if PolyMenders doesn't need to bring our service onsite...we then pass the savings on to our clients.

New plastic fabrication to replace broken blackwater tank.


In some cases, such as certain RV tanks, repair just isn't an option.  PolyMenders can also fabricate a new replacement tank to replace the damaged one.

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